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Photo: Archive NFI
Photo: Archive NFI

Virtual journey to Senegal & The Gambia, 20 January – 3 February 2021

At the moment, travel is unfortunately not possible or only possible to a limited extent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make sure that we don't have to miss out on it completely in these difficult times, respect_NFI invites all travellers and people interested in Africa to a virtual trip through Senegal and The Gambia – in the border region between Janjanbureh in The Gambia and Koungheul in Senegal!

Daily travel information via e-mail

Participants in our virtual journey will receive a description of the respective daily stage by e-mail each day from 20 January to 3 February 2021. These descriptions will be supplemented by thematic contributions, voices from the local population and photos. The contributions will be published in the respect_NFI-tourism_LOG - and will remain available for reading even after the end of the trip. The journey will also be accompanied by postings on the NFI's social media channels.

Focus on encounters with the local population, culture and nature

Our virtual journey focuses on the people, the culture, and the nature in the Senegal-The Gambia border region. Visits to the villages and an exchange with the local population are just as much a part of the programme as encounters with women's groups, pupils and stakeholders from the region.

Read the entire journey

All contributions of the virtual journey can be found in the respect_NFI-tourism_LOG.

Further information on the region.

With this short video we look back on our journey: