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Mission Statement


The Naturefriends movement was founded in 1895 and ranks amongst the largest non-governmental organisations around the globe. Our 350,000 members are active in local groups/sections and are represented by regional, federal and national associations.

Naturefriends International (NFI) is the umbrella organisation of approximately 45 national member organisations and is itself member of the Green 10, a platform of the ten largest European environmental NGOs. 

Internationally, ecologically and socially minded!

Naturefriends are a democratically organised movement that is committed to ecological and sociopolitical causes. The aim of our activities is sustainable development of the environment and the society at the regional, national and global level.

We stand for: 

  • Environmentally and socially just tourism and leisure-time activities
  • Protection of our natural and cultural heritages
  • Internationality and solidarity


We champion: 

  • Experiencing nature - for everyone

Free access to nature for all people has always been a key Naturefriends demand. We promote inclusive nature experiences by organising specific activities and campaigns.

  • Sustainable tourism

We champion ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable tourism development. 

  • Nature education

We impart knowledge about biological diversity and motivate people to spend time outdoors respectfully.

  • Protection of the climate and climate justice

We raise awareness for climate protection and organise campaigns for more climate justice.

  • Sustainable regional development

We support regions in establishing sustainable tourism by organising specific activities.

  • Diversity and intercultural exchange

We initiate intercultural projects and encounters and we champion respectful coexistence.

  • A strong civil society

We promote the commitment of the civil society as well as social and ecological responsibility.