"No income, but clean air" - Tourism between economic necessity and climate change

Online symposium of the Naturefriends Germany

Location: Zoom from 2.00 - 6.00 p.m.

Global Naturefriends Days 2021


Enjoying Nature Together

European/Prague Spring 2020 conference



Ceremony „125 years Naturefriends“ of Naturefriends Karlsruhe



Expert day "Hand in Hand - for Global Justice and Solidarity", online

Video conference

Global Naturefriends Day of NF Italy

Ledro, Italy

Global Naturefriends Day


Photo competition 125 years Naturefriends


On the occasion of the Global Naturefriends Day, Naturefriends France have announced a photo competition. The theme is water (in general).

Exhibition: Hand in Hand durch Berg und Land (Hand in hand over the mountains and through the countryside) – 125 years Naturefriends


Special exhibition in the “Waschsalon Karl-Marx-Hof”, Vienna

International Naturefriends exchange & launch of the campaign for the 125th anniversary of the Naturefriends movement

Janjanbureh (The Gambia), 19.1.2020