International Naturefriends exchange & launch of the campaign for the 125th anniversary of the Naturefriends movement

Janjanbureh (The Gambia), 19.1.2020

VIII. Czech National Gathering of Friends of Nature: „Beneath the Blanik mountain“

The eighth year of the National Gathering of Czech Friends of Nature.

Vlašim, Central Bohemia | 10. - 13.10.2019

National Meeting Young Italian Naturefriends

Young Italian Naturefriends will have their 5th National meeting and focus on identifying inputs and tools to make a concrete support to local communities through activities based on non-formal education.

NF House "Alexander Langer" of Saviore dell'Adamello (BS) – Italy | 29.08. – 01.09.2019

Camp for young mountaineers in Iran

This Camp is a perfect chance for young mountaineers from all around the world.

Damavand, Iran | 20.07. - 01.08.2019

NIVON (Naturefriends The Netherlands) celebrates its 95th anniversary

NIVON (Naturefriends The Netherlands) celebrates its 95th anniversary.

Nivon Campsite Het Hallse Hull, Hallseweg 10, 6964 AM Eerbeek | 07.06. - 10.06.2019

One Europe for All - Your voice against nationalism!

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019, there are demonstrations all over Europe with ten thousands of participants! For the future of Europe & against nationalism!

In European Cities | 19.05.2019