Your Christmas Tree grows in Africa! Together for more climate justice!

As the holiday season approaches, NFI's Christmas fundraising campaign takes on a special significance. It is a time of giving when we want to support those who are most affected by climate change. This year, the focus of NFI's campaign resonates deeply with the principles of climate justice. In a symbolic sense, when you support initiatives like the Naturefriends Climate Fund you're nurturing a different kind of Christmas tree - one that grows in the hearts and at the same time in the soil of the villages in Senegal and The Gambia where our Naturefriends tree sponsorship programme is being implemented.
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Tree sponsorships NF Climate Fund

Kick-off for tree sponsorships in Senegal and The Gambia. Naturefriends for climate justice!

After intensive preparation, the time has finally come: the official launch of the Naturefriends tree sponsorships in Senegal and The Gambia is just around the corner! Around 3,500 fruit trees are to be planted in the next few weeks with people living in six villages along the two countries' border region, which was awarded Naturefriends Landscape of the Year in 2018. They will then be given to families to care for, such as watering and protecting them from goats and other grazing animals. In a few years, they will be able to enjoy mangoes, lemons and sapote fruit.
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2ADIB-MALI Amis de la Nature

A fruit trees nursery for Farako – Project implementation

The latest Naturefriends Climate Fund project was launched on 18 June 2022 in Mali. The objective of the project is to create a commercial nursery to produce fruit tree seedlings in the village of Farako. In one year, 1,000 fruit trees such as mango, lemon, guava, mandarin, and papaya are to be produced and planted to meet the nutritional needs of the population, combat soil erosion and counteract climate change.
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