NFI Climate Fund

1 Euro for Climate Justice

Climate change affects us all, but most of all the people in the countries of the Global South, who contribute the least to global greenhouse gas emissions. The NFI campaign "1 Euro for Climate Justice" invites all Naturefriends from wealthy countries to make a contribution to greater climate justice.
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Your Christmas Tree grows in Africa! Together for more climate justice!

As the holiday season approaches, NFI's Christmas fundraising campaign takes on a special significance. It is a time of giving when we want to support those who are most affected by climate change. This year, the focus of NFI's campaign resonates deeply with the principles of climate justice. In a symbolic sense, when you support initiatives like the Naturefriends Climate Fund you're nurturing a different kind of Christmas tree - one that grows in the hearts and at the same time in the soil of the villages in Senegal and The Gambia where our Naturefriends tree sponsorship programme is being implemented.
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