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We live SDGs!

We live SDGs!

Let's create equal opportunities. For everyone. Protect the planet. For all.  Let's create a fair economy. For all.

The SDGs are the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Their purpose is clear: to ensure sustainable development, taking into account social, environmental and economic aspects. The SDGs comprise 17 goals, ranging from the fight against hunger, education, health and gender equality to measures to protect the climate and biodiversity. The SDGs are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is a roadmap to a better and fairer world.
NFI is part of the Austrian initiative ''Rebels of Change'', which generates enthusiasm for the SDGs through a diverse mix of activities and highlights, among other things, young people's commitment to sustainability. The initiative is supported by the Austrian Development Agency and coordinated by Südwind - Association for Development Policy and Global Justice.