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Field Trip to the model region Mürzzuschlag with students (c) Kim Ressar
Field Trip to the model region Mürzzuschlag with students (c) Kim Ressar

Respect Nature - experience more sustainably

The promotion of sustainable leisure activities in nature is a core issue of Naturefriends, which became even more relevant during the Corona crisis: Different to many other leisure activities, spending time in nature was still possible almost everywhere, the risk of infection outdoors is much lower than indoors, exercise in nature is beneficial to our health and strengthens our immune system, and nature offers a welcome opportunity for a break from our everyday life and for the experience of new things.
The basis for a positive experience in nature are always a largely intact natural environment and the respectful behaviour of visitors – this is the goal of our Respect Nature initiative, which we are implementing as an Austrian pilot project together with the Naturefriends Austria and the Young Naturefriends Austria with the support of the Austrian Federal Forests (Österreichische Bundesforste). We plan to expand the project internationally in the coming years.

Under the slogan #WeRespectNature, our activities focus on "Fair Play in Nature". In addition to awareness-raising activities, regional pilot projects are planned. The aim is to develop concrete approaches to solutions for the conflict areas prevailing in the region together with the landowners.


Our activities and learning materials:

Model region Mürzzuschlag

Our first model region was implemented in the forest district of Mürzzuschlag. In joint workshops with the municipality of Spital am Semmering, the Naturefriends from the region and the ÖBf (Austrian Federal Forests), littering in particular emerged as an interesting topic in this region. We decided to contribute to the avoidance of litter with positive communication and concrete instructions for action as well as to provide general tips for a considerate stay in nature for the local people. We have chosen the youngest among us as our target group in order to lay the foundation for mindful behavior and at the same time to anchor the topics addressed in the families.

Focus: Raising awareness among children, extensive repertoire of topics with a focus on littering.


Here you can find an overview of our activities in the model region Mürzzuschlag:

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