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Accessible Tourism for All

The purpose of the brochure is to highlight good­practice examples and to encourage not only individual Naturefriends groups but the tourism industry as a whole to follow these examples as well as to call on the European tourism policy­makers to pave the way for barrier­free tourism. The examples presented in the brochure demonstrate that there are different ways of rendering access to tourism and leisuretime activities as barrierfree as possible.

Natura Trails - Tracking down Europe’s natural treasures

Natura Trails are theme paths through European protected areas, specially designed for soft-impact recreational activities. They whet people’s appetites for close encounters with the indigenous fauna, flora and habitats, they boost people’s awareness of the need to protect nature and landscapes and they are Naturefriends’ brand for nature-compatible and environmentally sound leisure-time activities.

Outdoor experiences for everyone

Accessibility in a natural environment is rare. The aim of this manual is to provide information on how to plan accessible outdoor experience activities in order to promote and facilitate their implementation. There are simple measures which can enable an enriching experience for a diverse group of people.