NF Climate Fund

A fruit trees nursery for Farako (Mali) – Production, distribution, and planting of fruit trees for a better future

We are delighted to announce a new Climate Fund project to combat poverty and hunger while mitigating the impact of climate change. It will be implemented by our partner organisation (C-member) 2ADIB-MALI Amis de la Nature, which has been implementing projects that fight poverty and malnutrition and ensure environmental sustainability and education in Mali for almost 20 years.
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Foto: ASAN

Fruit trees for Senegalese villages

Human-induced climate change and its present and future negative impacts hit the countries of the Sahel, whose economies are heavily dependent on natural resources and agriculture, particularly hard. Senegal is fully concerned by this issue because the crisis is causing both an accelerated degradation of natural resources and a deterioration of the living environment. Since 2013, the Association Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature (ASAN – Naturefriends Senegal) has been involved in planting fruit trees, with the aim of helping rural populations adapt to the negative effects of climate change.
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Your Christmas tree grows in Africa

Together for more climate justice - Donate fruit trees! The current Climate Fund project is being implemented in selected villages in the north of Senegal, a region that is particularly affected by climate change. Due to the increasing drought, agriculture is becoming increasingly difficult, and the once fertile soils are being destroyed by erosion.
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Photo: Naturefriends Togo

Naturefriends Climate Fund: Zio River project successfully implemented!

African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis), Limba (Terminalia superba) and rain tree (Samanea saman) - these are just some of the many tree species that have been planted in recent months by the residents of the three Togolese villages of Makumavo, Missahome and Mesiobe on the banks of the Zio River. In total, there are about 11 200 seedlings, which were previously raised in three newly established tree nurseries. The project was made possible by donations to the Naturefriends Climate Fund, which financed the establishment of the tree nurseries and the transport of the seedlings.
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