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NFI Climate Fund
NFI Climate Fund

Your contribution to Climate Justice

Since 2017, the Naturefriends Climate Fund has been financing projects in Africa that help reduce the consequences of climate change, improve the living conditions of the population, and protect the climate. This way, we contribute to a (climate) juster world and support people in the Global South with partnership-based projects to adapt their lives as best as possible to the impacts of climate change and to contribute to climate protection themselves.

At the same time, we offer all Naturefriends from the Global North the opportunity to make a solidarity-based contribution to more climate justice with a donation to the Climate Fund, 100% will benefit the people in the project regions in the Global South without deduction of administrative costs.
The new Climate Fund website provides an overview of the current and already implemented projects, of the topic of climate justice and of the possibilities to become active yourself.

On our Facebook channel there is also a short introduction video of the website:

A special present for Christmas

Donations to the Climate Fund are also ideal as meaningful gifts! With only 15 euros you enable the planting of three fruit trees, which will be handed over to the care of families. A particularly sustainable gift is tree sponsorship with regular payments that allow for continued care of the project region, awareness raising measures and training for the population. We are happy to issue a gift certificate that can be given to the person receiving the gift!

You can find more information about this special Christmas gift, which will not only bring joy to the person receiving the gift, but also to the people in the African project regions, here:

Any questions? Just contact us, we will be happy to help you: or by phone +43 1 892 38 77.