Global Naturefriends Days



At the heart of the Global Naturefriends Days should be a Naturefriends activity, such as a guided walk, an interesting lecture, or a tree planting action. If there is a Natura Trail in your region, you could organize a hike there.  Where possible, of course, our  Naturefriends Houses should be involved! We  encourage  you  to  set  an  important  example  and link your actions (if no other idea) to the Naturefriends Climate Fund (see

It doesn't matter if you are a small local group or a larger one, what matters is your message, your involvement, and your willingness to share your inspiring actions with the Naturefriends network. 
We would therefore be pleased to receive information and photos about your activities. These will be reported on our social media channels. Please send a short report and some significant photos to:  
Also, three selected projects will be awarded at the NFI Congress on 7 October 2023 and wil  receive 500 euros each.

So, participation pays off twice!

Here you will find a short guide that includes an overview of the event, details on how to participate and the criteria that the jury will consider when choosing the three winning projects. In addition, I have also prepared a timeline to give you a clear idea of the steps leading up to the event:

Here, you can take a look for inspiration from last year's activities: