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Advent for the climate: 24 steps towards more climate justice #adventforclimate

"Tiempo de actuar - it's time to act!” The motto of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference, which starts today in Madrid , is a call to all of us to make our daily lives more climate-friendly and to contribute to more climate justice.   

Natural disasters, such as the recent devastating mudslides and avalanches in the Alps or the extreme floods in Venice, show the dramatic effects of climate change - effects on ecosystems and on human lives.  

People in the countries of the Global South are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change – allthough their population accounts for only a very small proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions. Drought periods that destroy harvests and cause livestock to die of thirst are becoming increasingly frequent, the desert is spreading, large coastal areas are massively affected by erosion, fish stocks are threatened, and people are losing their livelihoods and being forced to migrate.  

It is high time to act! The worldwide climate demonstrations impressively show how public awareness of the importance of climate protection is growing and with it the pressure on political decision-makers. But when it comes to changing their own behaviour, many people are still hesitant.  

Together we can achieve great things with small steps! Open a window every day in the Advent calendar of Naturefriends International on Facebook and get practical tips for your personal contribution to climate protection! Did you know, for example, that 2 million tons of emissions will be avoided if you use your smartphone only one year longer?   

Let's give our planet a pleasant Advent! #adventforclimate


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