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©Rainer Kulla
©Rainer Kulla

029 | First Naturefriends house opened in Africa!

International solidarity
Naturefriends Houses
Environmental education

The only African Naturefriends house to date continues the tradition of European Naturefriends houses and offers accommodation for travel groups interested in partnership-based tourism. At the same time, the house also serves as centre for environmental education which offers events for Senegalese Naturefriends, pupils and stakeholders from the tourism and environmental area. 

A tree nursery also belongs to the house, where around 20,000 trees are tended to every year and then planted out to fight against advancing desertification. 

The house also serves as starting point for Naturefriends journeys into the region – becoming acquainted with the people, culture and nature is at the heart of these journeys. In addition, Naturefriends International together with Naturefriends Senegal published the travel reading book “Zu Gast im Senegal” (Visiting Senegal), which invites travellers to experience the country with all their senses and to embrace impressions from such a journey to another culture without prejudices. 


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: