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©NF Czechia
©NF Czechia

055 | Into the green!

Experiencing nature
Environmental education

Inspired by the Natura Trails and the idea of experiencing nature in the city, short hiking trails have been established on the outskirts of Olomouc (eastern Czechia) by the local Naturefriends group Malá liška. Over a total length of 50 km, the suburbs of Olomouc can be explored, which are rich in natural areas, innovative architecture and forgotten history. The routes always start at public transport stations and are therefore accessible in a climate-friendly way. The project website provides additional information (history, sights, etc.), which is also available in a mobile version for smartphones.  

In 2019, the second project stage has started, in which the hiking routes will be evaluated and, if necessary, revised. There will also be some new routes in the city districts that have not yet been occupied and a brochure with all current hiking routes will be produced. The project is implemented in cooperation with the city administration and the municipal transport company.  


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: