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098 | Hand in Hand

International solidarity
Naturefriends Houses
Political education
Social justice

Inspired by International Young Naturefriends’ topic of the year 2017 “Borderfree Solidarity” that focused on youth work with migrants and refugees, a group of 28 people from different countries and backgrounds, including some refugees living in Germany, worked together on different repairs of the Naturefriends house of Niederrad in Frankfurt am Main.

With the workcamp IYNF aimed for a better integration process of the young refugees in the local environment in a mutual manner through volunteering work. The international participants contributed to that by representing different realities in Europe. Furthermore, the workcamp aimed to empower participants to implement their own initiatives for integrating refugees in their local reality.

The workcamp helped to improve communication skills (German and English) and showed how to overcome language barriers in other ways (body language, sign language, by working together physically). This way, all participants became more reflective, open-minded and motivated to embrace and promote intercultural dialogue.


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: