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119 | Fruit trees for Senegalese villages

International solidarity

Since 2013, Naturefriends Senegal have been active in the reforestation of fruit trees, thereby helping people in rural areas of Senegal to adapt to the effects of climate change.

This new Climate-Fund project involves Louga and Saint Louis, two neighbouring regions in the north of Senegal. Like most villages in the Sahel countries, whose economies are heavily dependent on natural resources and agriculture, they are heavily affected by the effects of climate change. The already scarce rainfall is further reduced by man-made global warming. In addition, forests and tree stands are being cleared for firewood or to gain agricultural land. Both together lead to the destruction of the population's livelihood, which is accompanied by poverty and emigration.

The project aims to establish orchards in each compound of the villages and hand them over to the care of families. At least 2,000 trees shall be planted in the four villages. They will strengthen the soil, improve the climate, and provide the people with valuable fruit.

All this is made possible by the Naturefriends Climate Fund - donations for the successful implementation of this and other climate projects are very welcome!


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: