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©NF Bayern
©NF Bayern

124 | 125 years of international solidarity

International solidarity
Social justice

This year it is exactly 125 years ago that the Naturefriends movement was founded in Vienna. Around the date of the foundation on 16 September the Naturefriends of Germany proclaimed country wide action days for this cause. Under the slogan "125 years Naturefriends - 125 years international solidarity" Naturefriends celebrated from 11 September to 27 September all over Germany - and beyond that - the special anniversary with various small and large actions.

For example, there was a big festival in Stuttgart organized jointly by Naturefriends and the Young Naturefriends, lectures and readings on various aspects of Naturefriends history at different locations, hikes on the historical traces of different local groups as well as an international hiking meeting at Lake Constance.

International solidarity was the focus of the activities. Because, as the announcement of the Action Days said, especially in times like these, in the face of multiple global crises and growing social injustice, the importance of solidarity arises more than ever.

A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: