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Tour d´Horizon Senegal/The Gambia – Visiting the Landscape of the Year

On the occasion of the inauguration of the first African Landscape of the Year in January 2018, Naturefriends International together with Naturefriends in the region and their partners organised a two-week model journey through Senegal and The Gambia. The journey's focus was on encountering the local population and learning about the regional traditions and cultural characteristics.

One of the highlights of the journey was the planting of fruit trees in selected villages. This on the one hand was a specific contribution to alleviating the consequences of climate change; on the other hand it provided possibilities for mutual exchange.

You can read more about this journey in our TOURISM_LOG where you will find reports of the travellers, statements by African Naturefriends and afterthoughts from the local population. Immerse yourself in the Landscape of the Year!