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Green 10 Manifesto

Green 10 European Parliament Elections Manifesto

In May 2019, EU citizens will have the chance to vote for a greener, healthier and fairer Europe. The Green 10 – a network of the ten largest European environmental NGOS amongst them NFI – show how a vote for a greener and healthier Europe could lead to major wins for people and the planet. A Europe that puts people and our planet first will also be prepared to address the challenges of migration, security and competitiveness. Help share our call to EU leaders ahead of 2019! @Europarl_EN elections

Green 10 Manifesto
Treasured Trails

Naturefriends’ Treasured Trails

After this really hot summer, we are hoping for a nice fall with many perfect hiking days. Tired of your usual routes? Ready for a challenge? The last few weeks we presented 10 “Naturefriends’ Treasured Trails” on Facebook! In our tourism_LOG you now find an overview of all trails. Thanks to everyone who sent in their favourite #TreasuredTrails – quite the collection! 

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Nepalhilfe Naturfreunde Österreich

Naturefriends Austria support Nepal

Being strong together – this is the motto of Naturefriends Austria and „Children of the Mountain“ when they continuously work together to rebuild schools and kindergartens in the Nepalese Region Tandrang. A trekking tour marks the beginning of a new project.

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Kampangen Bild


Leave sand castles, not plastic! –  Naturefriends International gives tips to create less plastic waste in daily life and on holiday.

Ten million tons of plastic waste go into the oceans each year. Popular destinations, such as Mallorca, Turkey, Bali or the Maldives, fight against the plastic flood on their beaches. Pictures of sea animals killed by plastic waste dampen the joyful anticipation before the holiday. A big part of that plastic waste is being produced by the tourists themselves – not only sabotaging their own holiday but also damaging sensitive ecosystems. Naturefriends International launches a campaign on how to avoid plastic waste especially during the holidays.

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Eröffnungsveranstaltung LDJ

A Landscape of the Year that will move you!

Manfred Pils, President of Naturefriends International, took part in the opening ceremonies of the Landscape of the Year Senegal/the Gambia. Here is what he experienced:

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