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032 | Sustainability in Naturefriends houses

Naturefriends Houses

Sustainability in Naturefriends houses is more than just a slogan: The Naturefriends house Feldberg, situated at 1,350 m above sea level in a nature reserve, is a best practice example of how sustainable management can be implemented. The house was supposed to be sold in 2000, but some Naturefriends took up the cause: They modernised the house and completely redesigned it according to sustainability criteria. The house is supplied with green electricity, a solar system and a wood-burning stove provide warm water and cosy warmth, food and drinks come from regional, organic farming or fair trade, you sleep in organic bedding and the cleaning products are all biodegradable.

Another prime example of sustainability is the Naturefriends house Hannover. In 2016, it was the first Naturefriends house in Germany to draw up a common good statement. The management of the house has been completely oriented towards the common good for a long time. This is associated with additional expenditure but it pays off in the medium term, as experience shows: Because more and more institutional clients looking for premises are also asking for sustainability criteria. And a common good statement is a very strong argument in this respect. 

A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: