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©Claudia Hackhofer
©Claudia Hackhofer

109 | Alpine mountain huts as venues for nature education

Naturefriends Houses
Environmental education

As a youth organisation, we aim to particularly encourage young people to discover the diversity of the mountains and offer modern methods to that end (from new media to nature education).

In spring, we organised an Instagram workshop for young adults, during which professionals offered advice on photography and communication via social media. In our Instagram competition #naturimfokusnfj, we were looking for the most beautiful nature photographs taken near Alpine mountain huts.

In Bad Ischl, we organised a late-night workshop at the “Kepler Sternwarte” observatory for children and adolescents – they learned about the night sky in an age-appropriate way and re-enacted the moon landing.

Together with Kepler Sternwarte, we designed a methods box which includes basic information that children and adolescents need to know about stars, the night and light pollution as well as easy learning and teaching methods. Specifically elaborated star charts, with an enclosed description on how to use them, were given to selected Naturefriends houses. Information and recommendations on the protection of nocturnal animals were elaborated in cooperation with the Austrian League for Nature Protection (Naturschutzbund Österreich).


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: