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112 | From Zero to Hero

Political education
Social justice
Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Young Naturefriends designed the workcamp ”From Zero to Hero” to enable the participants to develop project ideas in rural areas together with local people while supporting Naturefriends in Bosnia in the construction of a Naturefriends house.

The activity combined both theoretical and practical input. The first week was dedicated to gain theoretical knowledge about leadership and working with volunteers. The second week focused on different types of tools for community engagement and implementing them on the spot with the help of volunteers from Srebrenica. Participants gained skills and knowledge for a better implementation of their future local activities, which enhances the quality of life and combat problems such as rural isolation. As a result of the activity, an e-manual on methods and practices for active youth participation in community development is created.

The activity hosted sessions supporting the construction of a wooden Naturefriends house in Srebrenica. Since the war in Bosnia, the founder of the local Naturefriends group has been eager to build the house to set a sign of hope and to realize his dream of happy children playing and running around.


A contribution to the following UN Sustainable Developement Goals: