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Your gift for more climate justice

Donate a tree
The people in the border region between Senegal and The Gambia are strongly affected by climate change. Due to the increasing drought, agriculture is more and more difficult and often the fertile soils are being destroyed. Planting fruit trees protects the soil, improves the climate and provides the families in the local villages with valuable fruit.
For 15 Euro, three fruit trees will be planted and taken care off. All trees will be given to a family directly and visited regularly by the project team in Senegal.

Donate a stove
In the mountain villages in Guinea most families cook over an open fire. Since a lot of firewood is needed, deforestation is a major problem and leads to the destruction of a unique ecosystem, home to a diverse flora and fauna as well as storing huge quantities of carbon dioxide.
With a donation of 25 Euro, trainings for the local community can be financed, enabling them to build more energy efficient stoves with locally available materials. The new stoves need a lot less wood and create less emissions. They are important for climate protection as well as protecting the mountain forests and improving the livelihood of the local community.

How it works:
1. Transfer 15 or 25 Euro to the Naturefriends Climate Fund. 
2. Send an email with the date of the transfer and the reference “Tree” or “Stove” to
3. We will send you an email with the gift certificate, which can be printed at home. Upon request we can also send the certificate via mail – please let us know in your email. 
Bank details:
Naturfreunde Internationale
IBAN: AT88 1400 0056 1066 5499
Reference: Naturefriends Climate Fund

More information about the Naturefriends Climate Fund: