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Natura Trails

Preserving our landscape and biodiversity has always been a key concern of Naturefriends. The establishment of Natura 2000 made this concern a European objective that Naturefriends promote through their regional and local activities.

The Europe-wide Naturefriends campaign "Natura Trails" assumes a special role in this: it raises the awareness for Natura 2000 and contributes to informing about the positive aspects that the European network of protected areas provides for the environment and all people.

Following existing paths through Natura 2000 areas that are particularly suitable for sustainable leisure-time use, Natura Trails strengthen the awareness and understanding for special habitats and their characteristic flora and fauna.

Natura Trails were initiated in 2003 as Austrian pilot project by Naturefriends International and have since become a European brand for environmentally sustainable leisure-time use. At the same time, Natura Trails are an attractive sustainable-tourism offer and thus contribute to regional development. A strong participation of the local population creates a fertile ground for identification with the protected areas as well as for positive dialogue about the opportunities for people and the environment that Natura 2000 provides.


Natura Trails in the Landscape of the Year:

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Böhmerwald - Sumava (german)



Upper Rhine (german)



Gömör-Torna Karst



Danube Delta/Sf. Gheorge



Natura Trails in Austria:

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