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Dance performance "Faux Lion" in Janjanbureh (© Rainer Kula)
Dance performance "Faux Lion" in Janjanbureh (© Rainer Kula)

Images from the „Tour d’Horizon 2018”

Rainer Kulla, Naturefriends Hamburg (Germany), has design a photo exhibition about the Tour d´Horizon – the Naturefriends´ tour to the first Landscape of the Year in Africa in January 2018. The focus of the exhibition lies on the people, locations and cultures of the Landscape of the Year. In the end, ten collages were created – the topics include the moving opening ceremony, tourism in the Landscape of the Year, the Kankourangfestival in Janjanbureh, the numerous tree plantings, the diverse nature, music and dance ...  

Travelling exhibition on the move 

The travelling exhibition started in Vienna on 20 & 21 October 2018 and could be found in the office building of Naturefriends Austria. After that, the pictures have been sent to the Landscape of the Year, where they have been shown in both countries. 

In the beginning of February 2019, the exhibition came back to Europe. All Naturefriends groups (not only those with participants from the Tour d’Horizon 2018) can book the exhibition through Rainer Kulla.  


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