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Transforming Tourism Initiative

Over 30 organisations from 19 countries - including Naturfriends International - have joined forces to work together for the sustainable development of global tourism. In March 2017, they prepared the Berlin Declaration "Transforming Tourism" and presented it at the international travel trade show ITB in Berlin in 2017. The declaration identifies specific principles for change towards fair, sustainable tourism of the future.
These include:

  • Early and effective involvement of the local population living in destinations in tourism planning and tourism development. Special attention needs to be paid to the participation of disadvantaged and vulnerable parts of the population and to strengthening and protection of human rights defenders.
  • Social security, decent living wages and career opportunities for the local workforce and promotion of individual local tourism initiatives.
  • Sustainable production and consumption patterns that protect the environment and the climate and respect human rights.
  • Abandoning the obsession with growth: it is not MORE tourism that drives sustainable development, but an abandonment of the predominant exploitative tourism model and a change towards socially and ecologically sustainable tourism.

Online platform on tourism and objectives of the Agenda 2030

In addition to the Berlin Declaration, the online compendium "Tourism in the Agenda 2030" was created. Authors from various countries show how tourism can contribute to achieving every single one of the 17 objectives for sustainable development and which challenges need to be overcome in order to achieve sustainable tourism development.