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Mastering the crisis in solidarity!

The Naturefriends movement stands for solidarity and responsible acting. These values must be upheld especially now, in these difficult times!

We call on everyone: think especially of the particularly vulnerable groups in our society and protect them by staying at home! Each and every one of us is called upon to do so.

We appeal to all those who are drawn to nature, especially now in spring: please refrain from sports that involve a certain risk of injury - such as ski touring, climbing and mountaineering. Resources and capacities in the medical sector must not be unnecessarily burdened by alpine accidents.

Let´s stand together in solidarity to overcome this crisis!

Letter of Manfred Pils & Andrea Lichtenecker for the board and the team of NFI
Photo: Lisa Schopper

Watch out for human rights when travelling – the role of tour guides

Leading, communicating, mediating – tour guides are the interface between travellers and locals, between two often very different cultures. Thus tour guides bear a great responsibility with regard to the handling of human rights – a new booklet of Naturefriends International supports them in this.

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Photo: 2ADIB Mali

NFI christmas special: Donate a brick to the village of Finkolo (Mali)!

The south of Mali is heavily affected by climate change. The increase in periods of drought leads to massive losses in agricultural production; sometimes the harvest is completely lost. The storage of agricultural products is therefore becoming increasingly important. Also the women's cooperative in the village community of Finkolo, which has been successfully cultivating vegetables for several years with the support of Naturefriends, urgently needs a storage building for its products. With a contribution of 15 euros you support the construction of the storage building and create a future perspective for the people of Finkolo.
Donations for a brick for Finkolo are also meaningful christmas presents for your friends or family – upon request, we we send a gift certificate via mail.

More information about the project and the NFI christmas special
advent for climate

Advent for the climate: 24 steps towards more climate justice - #adventforclimate 

"Tiempo de actuar - it's time to act!” The motto of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference, which starts today in Madrid, is a call to all of us to make our daily lives more climate-friendly and to contribute to more climate justice.

Together we can achieve great things with small steps! Open a window every day in the Advent calendar of Naturefriends International on Facebook and get practical tips for your personal contribution to climate protection!

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Photo: Cornelia Kühhas

Climate protection in tourism: flight shaming alone is not enough!

On occasion of the World Tourism Day on 27 September, Naturefriends are calling for rapid and effective action regarding climate protection in tourism. Flightshaming alone is not enough!

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