Puzzle stone

The respect_NFI travel puzzle

… the playful way towards fair travelling!

Join our interactive travel puzzle, build your sustainable travel picture and learn more about fair travel in just a few minutes!

Our travel puzzle consists of 6 puzzle pieces, the "modules" of a journey:
Planning the trip | The way is the goal | Staying & sleeping | Eating & drinking | Experiencing your holiday destination | Getting to know the country & its people

The task is to put these 6 puzzle pieces together to form a travel picture:

Click on a puzzle piece and you'll get some tips. If you want to know more, click on "More infos & tips". Click on "Place puzzle piece" and the puzzle piece is placed into the overall picture - and you can select the next piece and click on it.
Do you already have an idea what our travel picture will look like in the end?

Planning the trip
Staying and sleeping
The way is the goal
Experiencing your holiday destination
Eating & drinking
Getting to know the country & its people

Congratulations! You completed your travel picture!

What a colourful hustle and bustle! Stop, take your time, watch the spectacle and let yourself be carried away by the cheerful atmosphere. These are special moments in which you can experience your destination particularly intensively.

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