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Foto: ASAN
Foto: ASAN

Fruit trees for Senegalese villages

Human-induced climate change and its present and future negative impacts hit the countries of the Sahel, whose economies are heavily dependent on natural resources and agriculture, particularly hard. Senegal is fully concerned by this issue because the crisis is causing both an accelerated degradation of natural resources and a deterioration of the living environment. Since 2013, the Association Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature (ASAN – Naturefriends Senegal) has been involved in planting fruit trees, with the aim of helping rural populations adapt to the negative effects of climate change.

The "My plot, My orchard" project in northern Senegal (Saint Louis region), developed and implemented by ASAN from 2020-2022 and financed by the Naturefriends Climate Fund, has the overall objective of bringing fruit trees and orchards to each concession and handing them over to local families to take care of their well-being and benefit from their fruit.


Foto: ASAN
Photo: ASAN


Planting of 2,000 fruit trees

The first visits to four selected villages took place in November 2020 with participatory discussions with the population on tree-planting techniques and especially on the regular maintenance measures, which are essential for the success of the activity. To ensure the survival of the tree seedlings, the specific locations for the plantations were selected jointly.

In December 2020, 2,000 mango, sapodilla, and lemon trees were transported to the four beneficiary villages and planted together with the very enthusiastic villagers. The trees will stabilise the soil, improve the climate and provide people with valuable fruit.

As with previous tree-planting projects, this time the project especially targets village women, who traditionally tend the gardens. The project will also enable them to market the fruit in due course, thus contributing to the family income and improving their position within the families.

Monitoring & evaluation

In the end of 2021, an additional 900 trees were planted. These also compensated for the losses that unfortunately occur given the extreme climate and soil conditions, despite good care. The project team used these visits to highlight the importance of regular irrigation and efficient protection measures against grazing animals.
Through the project, ASAN has contributed significantly to strengthening the resilience of regional communities to the drastic impacts of climate change, while also contributing to climate change mitigation.

Photo: ASAN
Photo: ASAN


Fruit trees improve lives!

The primary need of the local population was to provide the families in the villages with valuable fruit. In just a few years, with proper care, the trees will be ready for the first harvest.

The tree planting was, in turn, a social activity in which hundreds of motivated young people and women from the villages participated. Not to mention the women who, thanks to the project, can better meet their family's nutritional needs and improve their income. Planting the fruit trees also raised the environmental awareness of young people in the villages and encouraged forms of green activism. In addition, the trees absorb CO2, strengthen the soil, and provide shade and hope.

''When trees are planted in Africa, it benefits not only Africa but also Europe. Let us plant for our planet and for a good future for all people!'' Mamadou Mbodji, ASAN

You can read a full report on this project here:…

The project was financed with Climate Fund donations amounting to € 8,780. A big thank you to all donors and to the Naturefriends groups that supported the international campaign "Your Christmas tree grows in Africa" as well as to the Naturefriends Hofheim and Naturefriends Hessen for their project "1,000 trees for Senegal".