trail maintenance in alpine mountain tourism


With TRAILS, we want to show young people that they can gain much more than just practical skills through trail maintenance, but also develop an appreciation for natural areas and make a valuable social contribution to alpine mountain tourism.
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Field Trip to the model region Mürzzuschlag with students (c) Kim Ressar

Respect Nature - experience more sustainably

The promotion of sustainable leisure activities in nature is a core issue of Naturefriends, which became even more relevant during the Corona crisis. The basis for a positive experience in nature is always a largely intact natural environment and the respectful behaviour of visitors – this is the goal of our Respect Nature initiative, which we are implementing as an Austrian pilot project together with the Naturefriends Austria and the Young Naturefriends Austria with the support of the Austrian Federal Forests (Österreichische Bundesforste). We plan to expand the project internationally in the coming years.
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Naturefriends Sports for All

Many people find rest and relaxation in sports and leisure-time activities. For people with a physical impairment, however, it is often difficult ‒ if not impossible ‒ to indulge in such activities. Through our project "Naturefriends Sports for All", funded by the Erasmus + programme, we aim to support our local groups in the planning and development of accessible outdoor sports offers.
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Natura Trails

Preserving our landscape and biodiversity has always been a key concern of Naturefriends. The establishment of Natura 2000 made this concern a European objective that Naturefriends promote through their regional and local activities.
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