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World Tourism Day 2020

World Tourism Day 2020: COVID 19 – Now is the time to transform tourism!

Transforming tourism is the demand of the day - this is what the "Transforming Tourism Initiative" is calling for from the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO on the occasion of World Tourism Day on 27 September. The global network of NGOs, tourism professionals and academia identifies concrete measures on how the tourism industry can emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis in a more sustainable and strengthened way. It calls for rapid and committed action on the part of UNWTO - and the involvement of all stakeholders in a spirit of partnership. Only in this way can tourism emerge stronger from the global crisis and contribute to achieving the common vision of Agenda 2030 for a good life for all. Here is an extract from the Open Letter to UNWTO …

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Andrea Schwingshackl

For a human asylum policy

Naturefriends demand a human European asylum policy instead of further refugee camps on the territory of the European Union.

The lack of a clear European asylum policy has led to an inhuman praxis of locking refugees into camps in countries at the borders of the European Union. In theory, people should wait there for the decision on their asylum application which would allow them to enter the European Union, but also could reject their request. Countries such as Greece or Italy are extremely overstrained with this task. The consequence are huge, massively overcrowded camps with unacceptable health conditions and a lack of perspective for the people staying there. It has been known since months that these camps are a kind of time bomb – some politicians even took it into account intentionally as deterrent measure against potential refugees.

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#tourismusneudenken (rethink tourism)

The corona virus determines our lives - and also our ways of travelling. Curfews and border closures have paralysed the tourism industry. Now the borders are opening again, tourism is picking up speed again. But how will the corona crisis affect the future development of tourism?
It is time to think about how we want to travel in the future and to initiate a turn towards sustainability! In this sense we are launching the campaign #tourismusneudenken (rethink tourism) in the social media channels of respect_NFI.

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125 years naturefriends

125 activities for sustainable development

Over the last 125 years, Naturefriends all around the world have implemented thousands of activities to champion this wide variety of causes: fighting for the right of way, developing environmentally and socially sustainable tourism and leisure-time offers, and promoting protection of the environment and nature, climate justice and international solidarity.

Facing the 125-years anniversary this year, NFI presents 125 pilot projects of Naturefriends that have been contributing to a sustainable development or continue to do so. Have a look at our website, on facebook & instagram!

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For a Europe that cares for all

For a Europe that cares for all – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating all too well that unequal societies go hand-in-hand with human suffering, fragile economies and delicate democracies.
Solidarity must be the bedrock of Europe’s response to this crisis: to fighting the pandemic and protecting all people, to managing the social and economic consequences, and to defending democracy. Solidarity goes beyond borders and should not be limited to European Union countries.  This is more than a public health crisis; it is a systems crisis. Like the climate crisis, and the many other crises we face, it affects everyone but hits some harder than others. The COVID-19 pandemic magnifies the inequalities in our societies.
Civil society groups - among them NFI - call for a Europe that cares for all – during the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

The EU must now take action to:

  • guarantee any coronavirus vaccine is affordable and accessible to all
  • ensure the use of digital technologies during the crisis is lawful, ethical, and temporary
  • end austerity – tackle inequality, protect our environment and promote wellbeing
  • protect workers, especially caregivers and frontline workers, and support people’s income
  • create a truly transformative European Green Deal
  • provide support and solidarity to people in the global South
  • safeguard fundamental rights and rule of law
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