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Fair travel ­– around the world in 30 days!

In search of more sustainability in tourism, we are going on a virtual journey around the world this year. We will stop on five continents and present a local project.

We started in March in Ecuador, where we visited the Wiñak initiative, which combines sustainable and fair cocoa cultivation with tourism. In May, we visited the West African The Gambia, where we presented two projects that enable young people and women to actively participate in the development of sustainable tourism in their home country and thus give them perspectives for their future.

In July, our journey will take us to Europe - to Bosnia & Herzegovina, where a man who had to flee from the war has returned to his homeland and, under the motto "Srebrenica - City of Hope", wants to revive the region by developing community-based tourism, give the inhabitants hope and an economic foothold and promote intercultural exchange.
Further stops on our journey will be Iran and Oceania.

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On our tourism_LOG you will find detailed articles on the individual stops.