A contribution to food security in Finkolo

New Climate Fund project in Mali: Building a storage building for agricultural products as a climate mitigation measure.

Naturefriends France have been cooperating with Naturefriends Mali 2ADIB-MALI for many years now – one successful example for their cooperation is the development of vegetable cultivation, benefitting the whole local community in Finkolo and its approximately 7,000 inhabitants.

With great sorrow Naturefriends received the news of the death of former President Gerald Mader

Gerald Mader was the President of NFI from 1987 until 1996. During his presidency, NFI moved back to Austria and the Berlin Wall fell. Subsequently, Naturefriends from Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia and the former GDR became part of our movement. In addition, the first contacts to Naturefriends from Senegal were established while he was President and Naturefriends Senegal were admitted as the first African member organisation in 1996.  Gerald Mader was especially involved in peace work – he set up the renowned international Peace University of Schlaining.

Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism

Especially for tour operators who rely on many suppliers, it is not easy to keep an eye on the impact of their business activities on all people involved. Do the hotel employees receive fair wages? Will the fishermen still have access to the sea when the new hotel is built? There are many details to be kept in mind. 
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Improved stoves for a better future

In the second half of February, Mamadou Mbodji, Vice-President of NFI and member of the Steering Group of the Naturefriends Climate Fund, visited Guinea in order to take part in the implementation of NFI’s current Climate Fund project, which aims to promote improved stoves in three rural municipalities in the Mount Nimba Biosphere Reserve.

Green 10 European Parliament Elections Manifesto

In May 2019, EU citizens will have the chance to vote for a greener, healthier and fairer Europe. The Green 10 – a network of the ten largest European environmental NGOS amongst them NFI – show how a vote for a greener and healthier Europe could lead to major wins for people and the planet. A Europe that puts people and our planet first will also be prepared to address the challenges of migration, security and competitiveness. Help share our call to EU leaders ahead of 2019! @Europarl_EN elections

Human rights matter – also in tourism!

On the international Human Rights Day on December 10, Naturefriends International appeals to the tourism industry to increase the commitment to human rights.

On December 10, 1948, the UN general assembly agreed to Resolution 217 A, the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Today, 70 years later, human rights are still being violated in many parts of the world – also in the tourism industry.

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