Photo: Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli

"Fair travelling" campaign

"Fair travelling" means tourism which is fair towards the environment and the people in the destinations, which provides the local population with economic prospects, which is mindful of cultural identities and which preserves natural resources. In order to promote sustainable tourism development, all stakeholders need to act: stakeholder from the economy, politicians ‒ and travellers.
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Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism

Especially for tour operators who rely on many suppliers, it is not easy to keep an eye on the impact of their business activities on all people involved. Do the hotel employees receive fair wages? Will the fishermen still have access to the sea when the new hotel is built? There are many details to be kept in mind. 
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Transforming Tourism Initiative

Over 30 organisations from 19 countries - including Naturfriends International - have joined forces to work together for the sustainable development of global tourism. In March 2017, they prepared the Berlin Declaration "Transforming Tourism" and presented it at the international travel trade show ITB in Berlin in 2017.
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CBT Projekt in der Landschaft des Jahres 2018/19 Senegal/Gambia

Community Based Tourism

Community-based tourism means participation and involvement of the local population living in tourism destinations. This ideally creates socially responsible, participatory tourism based on local structures that the local population benefits from.
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