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The corona virus has got our travel behaviour under control this year - lockdowns and travel restrictions still make travelling difficult. But what will the future bring and how will this crisis affect the future development of tourism? Will we continue to travel as we have done so far, or will we manage a transition towards sustainability? We want to reflect on this question together with you and therefore invite you to the respect_NFI Christmas bakery. Here, supported by our lovely baker, we will create delicious knowledge biscuits during Advent and work on recipes for fair and sustainable travel.
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Photo: Cornelia Kühhas

Campaign #tourismusneudenken (rethink tourism)

The corona virus determines our lives - and also our ways of travelling. Curfews, travel restrictions and border closures have paralysed the tourism industry. Now the borders are opening again, tourism is picking up speed again. But how will the corona crisis affect the future development of tourism? It is time to think about how we want to travel in the future and to initiate a turn towards sustainability!
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Photo: Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli

"Fair travelling" campaign

"Fair travelling" means tourism which is fair towards the environment and the people in the destinations, which provides the local population with economic prospects, which is mindful of cultural identities and which preserves natural resources. In order to promote sustainable tourism development, all stakeholders need to act: stakeholder from the economy, politicians ‒ and travellers.
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